Games on Skates £100 Prize

Each and every Friday night Games on Skates presents TAG, Relay, Bulldog, speed skating.  Come down to London Bridge every Friday night and play Games on Skates.

The last Friday of Every month there will be a cash prize of £100 for the last person standing in TAG game.  Come down every Friday and practice your tagging skills.  The one who wins will have a trophy for that month until the next month for someone else to win the Trophy from the previous winner!

Who will win the Trophy and The £100?


Skating Roller

Skating Roller each and every friday 8pm- 2am.  Skates to Hire on the night.  £8 Entrance. 

You can call on 07940 074 856 Bring 10 people and you will get in for FREE

Roller Disco

Bring 10 people with you on Friday and you will get in for free.  Yes thats right 10 of your friends bring them with you and you get in for absolutely free.  How many friends do you have?

Who managed to get to London Bridge or 02 for Skating?

We would love to hear your feedback on what you thought about Friday at London Bridge or the 02 Greenwich.  Your feedback means a lot to us, as we do our best each and every week to make sure we meet your needs.

Roller Disco is becoming the most popular way to enjoy a Friday or Sunday evening where we also introduce Games on Skates.